Tigers 6 Nations 2018-19 Prediction Competition

Thursday 17th January 2019


Here we go again, the Sheffield Tigers version of the 6 Nations competition to raise some money for the club.

This is what it is all about:

  1. You are invited to predict the winner and margin of victory for each of the 15 Six Nations matches (you are NOT required to predict the score). So, for example, Scotland v England if you think England will win by 5 it doesn’t matter if the score is 5-0 or 35-30
  1. Each week of the tournament (or, if you are very confident, you can make all your predictions at the beginning) you will be asked to submit your predictions by 9am on the Friday of each round of matches
    by email to 6nations@sheffieldtigers.co.uk
  2. Before R1 you need to predict the aggregate number of points that will be scored in all matches (in 2018 (682),
    2017 (653), 2016 (693), 2015 (660)—this will be used to split any ties AND win a prize)

An effort will be made to send out a reminder email early in the week so you don’t forget to make your predictions.

An email will be sent out after each round of matches to keep you informed of the running totals.

The competition costs £10 (ten pounds) to enter and the entry money is shared out as follows:

Tigers                                       40%

Winner                                    30%

Runner up                              20%

Aggregate (or nearest)   10%


Points are allocated as follows:

 Correct winner:                                                                   5 points

Correct points difference:                                             4 bonus points

Points difference out by between 1 and 5:          2 bonus points

Points difference out by between 6 and 10:        1 bonus point

Draw correctly predicted:                                              10 points

(you cannot score any points unless you have predicted the correct winner or a draw)

For more details or how to enter, contact Keith Cornish at 6nations@sheffieldtigers.co.uk

R1 Weekend of 1/2 Feb
France v Wales
Scotland v Italy
Ireland v England

R2 Weekend of 9/10 Feb
Scotland v Ireland
Italy v Wales
England v France

R3 Weekend of 23/24 Feb
France v Scotland
Wales v England
Italy v Ireland

R4 Weekend of 9/10 March
Scotland v Wales
England v Italy
Ireland v France

R5 all on 16 March
Italy v France
Wales v Ireland
England v Scotland

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