Personal Training at Tigers

Tigers' gym has it's very own qualified and highly motivated Personal trainers, who will help you achieve your goals with a personlised excecise programme and work with you every step to keep you motivated on target and above all safe.

Tom Skelton - S&C, Lifestyle Management & Exercise Referral L3

I have been working out of the gym at Sheffield Tigers for over 2 years now. Last year I assisted their players with conditioning through a harsh Dore Moor winter.

Along with Jamie Broadley on board to improve their strength & conditioning we will be there for the team and their bid for promotion.

I have over 10 years experience as a personal trainer creating a highly functional training space was a great opportunity. I have worked with a huge range of clients from World Champion athletes through to people taking their 1st steps into the world of fitness. What we have tried to create is a space that caters for the needs of such a wide spectrum.

As a committed member of the fitness industry I see personal development as the key to being successful. If you’d like more information about the services I offer, then please email or call him on 07960 175858.


Jamie Broadley – S&C and Nutrition


I’m very excited to be back at the TigerDome in a playing capacity. This season I will be working with Tom Skelton to deliver the strength and conditioning program for the Tigers through the off season, into pre season and during the season too. I shall also be talking to the lads about nutrition and other lifestyle factors that will hopefully help them on and off the field.

I have a broad background in the health and performance field. I have 2 degrees in psychology from Leeds University, work as an assistant psychologist for an NHS obesity service, play professional rugby for Rotherham Titans and have now launched ‘The Breed Project’ which is my private training and lifestyle consultancy service.

In addition to my work with the Tigers I will be offering personal training sessions out of the Tiger’s gym as well as offering tailored nutrition and lifestyle support. If you’d like to find out more then please visit my site at or email